Hello, Triumph Gabriele 20!

It’s arrived! I was advised to pick up my shipment of new typewriters at my convenience and did just that last Sunday afternoon. I figured it would be the have the least traffic of any time of the week and I was right. The traffic was not light, but it was not the usual horrendous traffic that typifies Manila. And besides, the destination pickup point was all the way to Pasig. Into the narrow, unfamiliar streets of Pasig. But never mind. Thanks to Google Maps and Waze (Waze by the way get confused and gives ridiculous directional advice. Then again, that happens to Google maps too but not as often.

So without further ado, the pictures!

Hmm. Clean. That’s a good sign. Now. We. Open!

Triumph Gabriele 20

I haven’t fiddled with the machine yet. Just opened it. And researched a bit on it’s history. How old is it? How does it feel? Does it type well? Tomorrow, we will find out more about this machine.

Again, a little more about Triumph-Adler (TA).

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Teacher, essayist, nurse, photographer, cook, cyclist, aikidoka, follower of Jesus the Christ, adventure eater, traveler, gardener, coffee and cake lover, and so on. And like many, a student of life.

One thought on “Hello, Triumph Gabriele 20!

  1. It’s always so much more fun to go and pick up a machine in person, or find one in the wild. Looking forward to hearing what you make of the Gabrielle. I have seen some very poor condition examples in the wild, and passed – so far!


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